On the Morning of October 21. . .

This message is coming to you from the secret headquarters of AmiWest 2011. The post is being done on the AmigaOne X1000 in “our” posession. If you are coming to the show, you will be able to see (and try!) it tomorrow.

Of course, if you aren’t coming, you won’t be able to see or try it. No one else in the world has this opportunity. We’re sorry if you haven’t planned to come.

Yes, it is here, operational, and awesome! For those of you who are coming, you will see it shortly.

Over and out from the AmiWest secret HQ! (We now return your control over your computer.)


3 Responses to “On the Morning of October 21. . .”

  1. Joan Says:

    Lucky you!

  2. goody Says:

    Words do not do it justice. 😉

  3. SeSco Says:

    drooling 🙂

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