Several have inquired about the fee for an exhibitor table and the fee to be a show sponsor for AmiWest 2011. Here are our rates for 2011:


Each table fee is $75.00 per exhibitor. You get a standard six-foot long table approximately 30 inches wide and two chairs. Please tell us if you need a power strip and an internet connection for your exhibit. Both are included in the cost. Badges identifying two people as exhibitors are also included in the fee. Banquet tickets are extra cost and not included in the fee.

This year, we are asking all exhibitors to plan their exhibits before arriving at the show. This means that we are looking for neat, planned exhibits with a focus for your display. For those who have attended our show before, AmigaKit and the Amiga User Group of Calgary are examples to emulate. For our first-time exhibitors, please plan a neat, clean exhibit such as you would find at a trade show. All excess pieces will be stowed out of sight. Show organizers will be checking your exhibit for this format. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Each show sponsorship fee is $250.00. All the exhibitor facilities are provided to show sponsors as well (i.e., one standard six-foot table and two chairs for your trade-show style exhibit, a power strip and an internet connection). Two banquet tickets are also included in the sponsorship fee as well as badges identifying two people as show sponsors for that particular entity.

Our show sponsors make free admission to the show possible through their greater level of support for AmiWest. Show sponsorship means that your organization logo will be used in show media. Your organization name (or your name, in the case of an individual) will be highlighted throughout the show as a sponsor. Show sponsorships fund the larger aspects of the show (i.e., paying for the facility, any special features, etc.). All control over the show and its policies and events is retained by the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club.


So get your information, including organization or individual name, contact person, names and contact information of two individuals to attend the show per exhibitor and/or sponsor, and the check for the fee (either $75.00 per table or $250.00 per sonsorship) to Chuck Washburn at this address:

7051 Dolan Way
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Please make the checks out to AmiWest. And thanks for your participation. You are the show and these fees are a large part of what makes our show possible.

So be sure to make your plans to attend AmiWest 2011, the Amiga show on the West Coast of the United States of America! It’s all happening at the new Holiday Inn Express, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95821, Tel: 916.923.1100. Come see the latest in Amiga hardware and software October 21-23, 2011. And watch this blog for breaking news of AmiWest 2011 as it happens! You don’t want to miss it!


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