AmiWest 2010 is now history!

Many thanks to all of you who attended and supported AmiWest 2010! As we have said so many times in the past, you are the show! We are already confirming exhibitors for next year and will keep an ongoing list posted to this blog as they confirm.

Show reports are coming. These are mostly personal experiences and help our potential attendees see what happened this year. One that Dragster has already posted appears in obligement ( It appears under the November 1, 2010 posting on the front page and includes many nice photos and has already proved to be helpful for planning next year’s show. Thanks to Dragster and his two friends for coming from Mexico to attend AmiWest!! Also, two other reports (at least!) are available here:

AmigaOS News at AmiWest is available at this link:
SSolie Personal Show Report is available at this link:

As always, many significant things happened at AmiWest 2010. And you can be sure that all the official information that is currently available and reliable will appear on this blog as it happens. Watch with us as AmiWest 2011 unfolds and the Amiga community leaps ahead.


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  1. Says:

    We demoed the SAM 460 with AmigaOS 4.1 at Amiwest 2010 and tomorrow it will be available in stock at

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