Saturday Night Banquet Menu for the AmiWest 2010 Banquet!

Saturday Night Banquet Menu for the AmiWest 2010 Banquet!

We’re planning an exciting banquet for you and wanted everyone to know what the menu will be. We have a new caterer this year that caters many of the major events here in Sacramento.

Here is the banquet menu:

1) Jack Daniels marinated and grilled tri-tip (with creamy horseradish and
rosemary au jus).

2) Roasted vegetables (red peppers, carrots, green and yellow squash, tossed with herb and butter).

3) Garlic mashed potatoes (oven roasted garlic in creamy mashed potatoes).

4) Harvet house salad (spring mix, candied walnuts, sun-dried apricots,
sweet and spicy vinigarette, with ranch dressing on the side if desired).

5) Sourdough bread and butter.

6) Coffee station, sweetener, cream, etc.

7) Iced tea and water.

8) Dessert: petite fours

9) The Amiga 25th anniversay sheet cake (marble cake with cream cheese frosting).

We have already turned in the count to the caterer. We sold 63 banquet tickets this year, a high for our show. Hopefully, you got your order in for the banquet.

We’ll see you there!


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