AmiWest 2010 Update: NEW SHOW DATES

After many checks, counter-checks, and checks again, we still managed to get the dates wrong! Our apologies!

THE CERTIFIED CORRECT DATES FOR AMIWEST 2010 ARE: OCTOBER 22-24, 2010. All other information remains the same.

2 Responses to “AmiWest 2010 Update: NEW SHOW DATES”

  1. Philip LaFramboise Says:

    Do we need reservations for this event this year and are there special room rates at the Holiday Express Inn?
    I will be attending for sure.Thanks.

    Flip LaFramboise

    • amigaprez Says:

      We’re sure you will need room reservations at a minimum. This hotel is already very busy. And you will certainly need banquet ticket reservations. See the latest update for more information on the banquet. As far as the show is concerned, it is free of charge for entry and open to everyone who wants to attend. We’re hoping that we can get a good crowd at the new and larger facility.

      Thanks for your interest. We look forward to meeting with you at AmiWest 2010.

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