Happy New Year 2010 from AmiWest!

The new year is here for more advancements in Amigadom! Yes, there will be an AmiWest 2010 at a brand-new facility here in Sacramento. Some have asked for a bay-area show down around Silicon Valley, but our small financial resources (and logistics in general) currently prohibit such a move.

The dates will still be in October and will be announced as soon as absolutely confirmed. As always, our policy remains firm: we announce as soon as we can confirm everything within our control. That policy has served us well since 1998 and will continue to serve our purposes.

So mark mid-October on your calendars and plan to attend AmiWest. This year promises to be a great year for progress on many fronts now that the legal wrangling is over. Apparently Update 1 to OS 4.1 is out, which is great news for SAM440 owners. And this is just the beginning, I’m hoping.

Keep watching this blog for the latest on AmiWest 2010!


2 Responses to “Happy New Year 2010 from AmiWest!”

  1. Ken Wilde Says:

    Has anyone contacted Trevor Dick about attending the show? He would be a big draw, I’m sure. 😀

  2. Steven Solie Says:

    I think we can expect to see AmigaOne X1000 and Sam460ex systems on display at the show this year. Exciting times for AmigaOS fans!

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