The Latest from Individual Computers Available at AmiWest 2009!

We have just received word from Jens Schoenfeld that the latest Indivision display card will be available for sale at AmiWest 2009!

Here is the preliminary announcement (somewhat [edited]) from the Individual Computers website:

Indivision ECS under development
The next version of our popular flickerfixer will be made for Amiga models with OCS- and ECS-chipset. .. It is meant to work with the Amiga models A500, A600(**), A1000, A2000 and A3000. All known technical data will presumably be in Indivision ECS: All screenmodes will be output with more than 60Hz, and the S-Hires modes of the ECS chipset will be displayed in full resolution. Indivision ECS will be installed on the socket of the Denise chip of the target computer. . .
[**memory expansion A603 required]

We have, in fact, already received the parcels containing the new Indivision cards. So if you’re looking for a great new display card for your classic Amiga hardware, look no further than AmiWest. And many thanks to Jens Schoelfeld for his continuing developments for Amiga!

See you at AmiWest this weekend!


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