Seminar Schedule for AmiWest 2009

We have had many requests for the seminar schedule for the show. Here is the AMIWEST SEMINAR SCHEDULE FOR 2009

Saturday. October 17th

10:00 AM – Using Amiga OS 4 – a discussion of software and hardware
available for Amiga OS 4

11:00 AM – All about Aros – Learn about the status of the AROS project
and how to get started

2 PM – Hyperion presentation by Steve Solie

Sunday, October 18th

9:00 AM – Introduction to Amiga OS 4 development

10:00 AM – Using Python and Arexx on OS 4 – Steve Solie

2 PM: Networking for OS4 using Road Show

As always, in Bill Borsari’s phrase, “all times are subject to reality.” We get as close as we can to the published times, dependent, as always, on the presenters and equipment “issues,” if any.

We want to thank our presenters in advance for their efforts. Their presentations help make the show more of a learning experience for everyone.

As we have said before, you make the show. Your attendance, participation and purchases from our vendors make AmiWest what it is. Thanks to all of you who will be there.

See you there!


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