Hyperion Entertainment Sending Rep to AmiWest 2009!

We have just received word that Hyperion Entertainment, developers of Amiga OS4, is sending none other than Steven Solie as their rep to AmiWest 2009! This has just been confirmed by personal conversation with Mr. Solie.

Steven Solie is well-known to many as an OS4 developer, beta-tester and AmiWest exhibitor for AMUC. This year, he is also the Hyperion rep.

He will be bringing “juicy news” to AmiWest regarding the current activities of Hyperion in the Amiga sphere. And you won’t want to miss it.

As usual, surprises and exclusive news happens at AmiWest. So if you haven’t already planned to be here, make your plans now!

See you next Friday!


One Response to “Hyperion Entertainment Sending Rep to AmiWest 2009!”

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