New AmiWest Amiga Game Competition for 2009!

Dave Morris, aka Amigadave, has volunteered to run an Amiga game
competition for 2009! As you might imagine, this takes lots of
coordination to select the games, assemble the machines to play, collect
enough monitors to use, get prizes donated for the winners, and run the
event at the show.

He has asked that participants register before the show so he has some idea
how many people intend to play. Please send the registrations to Here are some of the details that Dave sent to

“The Amiga Game Competition will consist of 5 different Amiga games to
be played on 5 different types of Amiga computers. The planning is not
set in stone yet, but it looks like I will have one game running on a
Classic Amiga (probably an A600 w/2mb RAM), another game running on a
SAM440ep w/AmigaOS4.1, another game running on an Efika w/MorphOS2.3,
another game running on either a MiniMig v1.1, or on a C-One computer
running a MiniMig core via it’s add-on FPGA board, and the fifth game
running on a PC using emulation such as AmigaForever, or AmiKit/WinUAE.

I am accepting suggestions for which games should be used on the above
listed hardware, but each of the games chosen must have a numerical
score given as the result of playing the game, as all scores for each
of the 5 games will be totaled to determine the winners. Prizes will
be awarded to at least the top three scorers in the competition, as
well as one prize raffled to a random person just for participating in
the contest.

The entry fee to participate is $2 and pre-registering to participate
is encouraged, so we will have some idea of how many contestants we
might have and therefore can estimate the time needed to complete, but
no money will be accepted before the AmiWest 2009 show begins. The
registration fees collected will be used solely to offset the cost of
obtaining the prizes, and if there is any excess money, it will be
given back to the first place finisher in the contest as well as the
first place prize.”

Sounds like a great new feature for our show! Please contact Dave
at the email address above to register your participation.

And many thanks to Amigadave for volunteering to do this.


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