AmiWest 2009 T-shirt Contest!

We’re loooking for a design for the new AmiWest 2009 T-shirt!  All you designers out there crank up your Amigas and come up with a sharp design for an AmiWest T-shirt.  We’re looking for something that will print on either a dark or light background and still look good.

The basic thrust of the design should include the dates and location of the show, a reference to Sacramento Amiga Computer Club (SACC) as the organizers and be in JPEG format at a maximum of 800 x 600 resolution.  All designs submitted will be judged by SACC members (who are themselves knowledgeable designers) and will become the property of SACC.  Please send your designs clearly designated for the AmiWest 09 T-shirt contest in the subject line so our filters will pick it up and route it correctly.  The email address to send it to is

We will be monitoring that address with great anticipation to see what the designers among you can create!  We should have some exciting results.  Get your design in today!


One Response to “AmiWest 2009 T-shirt Contest!”

  1. Ken Wilde Says:

    What are the official show dates?
    1) for forum posting
    2) for the t-shirt

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