NEW FEATURE for AmiWest 2009 – the Classic Clinic!

That’s right! We’ve been spending quite a bit of time developing a new feature for AmiWest 2009 – the Classic Clinic! We’ll have some knowledgeable Amiga classic guys here with soldering irons in hand and parts available to buy (or bring your own!) to rehab your classic Amiga machines.

It all happens on Friday evening, October 17, 2009, from 6 PM until 10 PM. Please let us know if you plan on coming so we can know how many people to plan for. Right now, we have four or five classic Amiga techs standing by to help rehab your classic Amiga hardware.

Yes, it’s going to be a good show. Make your plans NOW to attend!


2 Responses to “NEW FEATURE for AmiWest 2009 – the Classic Clinic!”

  1. Says:

    This sounds a great idea. Please let us know if you require any help.

  2. AmigaDave Says:

    I have a couple of A4000D mobo’s that need work. One needs broken simm sockets replaced and the other needs a fix for what ever will get my mouse working again. I’ll be there early to take advantage of this great service. Thanks for providing such a needed service at AmiWest 2009.

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