UGN’s Bill Borsari to Webcast AmiWest 2008!

As he has since the inception of AmiWest, Bill Borsari will be webcasting AmiWest 2008 worldwide.

Using his own custom script and hardware setup, Bill will be broadcasting audio and webcam video to the world from Sacrmento’s Capitol City Hotel live, as it happens. He will also be interviewing selected Amiga personalities in attendance at the show.

We want to thank Bill for his ten years of service to AmiWest and hope that our association lasts into a long future. His efforts provide a dimension that adds color and depth to AmiWest.

Thank you, Bill!

Be sure to be there and see Bill in action at both the Friday night banquet and all day at AmiWest!


2 Responses to “UGN’s Bill Borsari to Webcast AmiWest 2008!”

  1. tekmage Says:

    You can get the streaming information at


  2. Billsey Says:

    If you guys have any news to share, moobunny folks would like to know.

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