You ARE the Show at AmiWest 2008

Just imagine:

Many of the world’s leading Amiga players are attending AmiWest 2008.

The facilities are ready to go.

Sacramento Amiga Computer Club members are coming to be the “hands and feet” to make the show a success.

The Friday night banquet is prepared for guests to enjoy.

But you don’t come to benefit from it all!

To the extent that this scenario plays out, AmiWest cannot be a success for those who don’t attend.

You see, AmiWest is written in the hearts and minds of those who attend. And year after year, significant things happen at AmiWest that change the Amiga landscape.

This year will see demos of OS 4.1, new hardware discussions, and “What does 4.1 run?” questions answered. And there are always a few surprises in store for everyone.

So come on out and see what’s new in Amigadom! We’ll look for you this weekend, October 17 and 18, 2008 at the Capitol City Hotel in Sacramento, California.


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