Room Reservations “Lost” – Please Re-Reserve Your AmiWest 2008 Hotel Accomodations!

Because of this “parting of the ways” between the former group and the new owners, all reservations made before September 8, 2008 have been “lost.”

Therefore, it is imperative that those of you who had already made your reservations contact the hotel to make them AGAIN. Please see the new hotel website at

Mention that you are attending AmiWest 2008 which should net a special rate. If those with whom you speak seem clueless, please contact Chuck Washburn at with your information and we will attempt to resolve any problems.

Again, this is a time of transition. We expect that any difficulties will be favorably resolved.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

See you at AmiWest 2008!


2 Responses to “Room Reservations “Lost” – Please Re-Reserve Your AmiWest 2008 Hotel Accomodations!”

  1. goody Says:

    My redu is done.

    As for Jamie. Amiwest is her baby.

  2. goody Says:

    typo fix…
    That is supposed to be ‘Ask’ for Jamie.

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