We now have another AmiWest sponsor – Individual Computers! Jens Shoenfeld has been in contact with us and confirmed that Individual Computers will sponsor AmiWest 2008. Jens and his company also sponsored AmiWest 2007 as our sole sponsor.

As most of you know, Individual Computers is the leading designer and manufacturer of new Amiga hardware. This year has seen the design of yet another new classic Amiga design: the most advanced flicker-fixer ever. And that component will be at AmiWest 2008 and available for sale. It is also reasonably priced, currently under USD$200.

With so many major players showing up this year, it’s time for you to make your plans to come as well. So don’t hesitate – make your plans now!



  1. Bill Borsari Says:

    Great news! I hope Jens puts together another wonderful presentation like he did last year.

    Bill “tekmage” Borsari

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