Some have raised concerns that not enough people will know about our blog to make it a useful communication link.

We here at AmiWest have traditionally done a mailing list for our news releases. This limits the releases to those on the list. And now our list is so old that most of the addresses come back as invalid.

This blog, on the other hand. can be accessed by anyone. The blog address has been posted to and Both event postings were read (in the aggregate) by more than 250 people the first day. Additionally, anyone can subscribe to the blog through an RSS feed and get new content when it’s posted.

So this seems to be more efficient. Since we’re just learning how to blog, we had let the comment moderation go for a day. Now that the posted comments are approved, they are showing on the page.

Additionally, we’ve been heavily dependent upon word of mouth advertising for the past eleven years. Please do spread the link around to everyone that you know. Thus, a current “mailing list” of far greater proportions can be created by our supporters.

Thanks for the comments – and keep them coming! We’ll be continuing to blog often.




  1. rbwyatt Says:

    What would the url be for a RSS subscription? My Yahoo did not like when I tried it. Thanks,

  2. amigaprez Says: is the url for the rss feed. That’s what the site yields when the “Entries (RSS)” link is shown. Try that one and let me know if it works.

  3. rbwyatt Says:

    Yeah, it worked. Thanks.

    I’m figuring out how to get out there in Oct.

  4. Alan Crandall Says:

    from what I have seen on the net,most amiga sites have post the link to here

  5. Jerimy Campbell Says:

    Well, I sure wish I was able to attend. I went once when I used to work for the Amiga Informer, it was a blast. I wish you the best of luck and much success.

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